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  Quality control

Before starting a job, we study the job carefully and communicate well with our customers to ensure what we are making can achieve the design intention, and to avoid unexpected issues arising in later processing stage. Under well planed manufacturing processes, we check and control our product quality in all stages of the processes. The quality control is monitored by people at high hierarchical levels in the plant. All the manufacturing processes are monitored for quality through statistical process control charting. We stress quality from engineering to shipping. This helps us become an extension of your company, not just a vendor.


Many manufacturers here may have some experience in dealing with suppliers in China, in which they found communication is a difficult thing, for example, language, time difference, how to relate the Chinese industrial standard, etc. Qingdao Tengjun with manufacturing in China, has bilingual professionals in manufacturing, engineering, etc. When you deal with us, you do not have the above communication problems.

Supplied Material:

We require all our suppliers of material to provide us with the original certificate of material for their products, and we check the chemical and mechanical properties of the supplied material statistically.


Our metal stamping have ISO 9001-9002 certificates and our metal forging and casting plants have ISO9001-2000


ARL-3460 Spectrometer

Test facilities and equipments:

Our plants have Chemical test Laboratory, Metallographic Analysis Lab, Physical property test Lab, CMM, ARL-3460 Spectrometer, Germany RS1000 spectrometer, etc.

We have equipped with advanced metaloscope and vision analysis system. And through this system, we can make a quick and accurate microstructure analysis of each batch of iron liquid.

For the chemical monitoring of the iron casting line, we employ Germany RS1000 spectrometer to make a quick analysis on the composition of the iron liquid. We do this test for each batch of iron liquid. For those iron liquid not meet our standard, we don't allow it to be used for production. We also have a complete set of sand molding test equipments, which can test the ventilation, humidity and moisture content of the sand sample taken on line in every 45 minutes.

Chemical Test Laboratory

Metallographic Analysis

To ensure the quality of forging items, we have equipped with Magnetic crack detector.

We use advanced material mechanical property test equipment to check the tensile strength, hardness and elongation of the steel.

Physical Property Test Lab

CNC Center


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